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About BG Premier Entertainment


About the Owner

Nicole Gye’Nyame is the owner and manager of BG Premier Entertainment, LLC (BGPE) established in 2020. This entertainment company personifies their love of the arts and music  through talented artists, musicians and entertainers. BG Premier Entertainment has made it their mission to support local artists, musicians and entertainers in their journey to level-up their exposure and success as performers.

What is BG Premier Entertainment known for?

BGPE produces three major productions annually. Their first production, “Holiday Enrapture” takes place in November, it is a musical tapestry of artistic performances. The musicians have the opportunity to perform before hundreds in a performing arts theater. The second production “A Taste of Music Festival” is an outdoor music festival held in June, that brings together musicians, artists, businesses and community. This festival is all about unity and sharing of local services and resources. The festival showcases a diverse group of performers from new musicians to those with years of experience. This production is high energy and filled with crowd participation. The third and final production is “Love Serenade” this is a private and exclusive event performed by musicians in an intimate setting that allows them to get close and personal with the audience.

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Our Values

Beyond music and entertainment, BGPE is committed to supporting small women and minority owned businesses. Nicole believes that the greatest innovation, products and services are delivered through small women and minority businesses. BGPE brings to the stage unique and phenomenal productions that have the imprint of small business owners. 


BGPE is a company birthed in the Capital of North Carolina touching musicians and entertainers in the State and around the globe. A BG Premier Entertainment, LLC production involves uniquely planned shows to create a VIP experience for everyone in attendance.


BGPE is a company positioned to be the resource for providing local and independent musicians, artists and entertainers an opportunity to perform at major venues that otherwise may not be available to them. Additionally, it is a source for showcasing talent for the entertainment industry.


Nicole is strongly rooted in family and believes in service to help, support and guide, individuals, groups and organizations to their greatest potential and God given capacity. Nicole considers herself a renaissance woman making an indelible mark in the lives of others.

Taste of Music Festival

Taste of Music Festival

Taste of Music Festival
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Taste of Music Festival

Taste of Music Festival

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